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SheeCool Products
SheeCool is filled with a Gel that cuts down on burning senses while inhaling the smoke.

This SheeCool Mya Fusion is a top Shisha pipe by Mya Saray stem with Sheecool frozen vase and washable hose technology. A magnificent combination of a stem made by Mya Saray and a freezable vase made by SheeCool. This combination of 2 leading shisha pipe brands has created this new range of Mya Saray & SheeCool 'Fusion' shisha pipe range. They are the highest standard and give you a high quality shisha smoking experience.

SheeCool MYA Fusion (SheeCool Base, MYA Stem)

SheeCool Snow
SheeCool Snow set with non-toxic freezable Gel (water tank):
- Inner stem tube and filter tube are stainless steel material.
- Grommets are non-recycled material (no bad smell).
- Washable hose, zinc coated inner string.
- Available with single or double hoses.

SheeCool Small is available in 11 different colors: Transparent, Black, Pink, Red, Orange, Dark Green, Apple Green, Whisky, Blue, Turqoise, Purple.

Water tank able to disconnected into two parts and easy to reconnect (screw type). A silicon segment placed between the top part and bottom part to prevent leaking. Designed for small size freezers and to minimize space for shipping and storage purpose.

SheeCool Snow - Black

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